Africa Bitcoin Mining Summit 2023

Nairobi, Kenya

An event organized by bitcoin miners in Africa to connect in-person

What to expect

For Miners, By Miners

Our primary objective is to bring together a select group of African Bitcoin miners, mining manufacturers, mining investors, and energy partners for a focused and impactful in-person summit. This is not an event for the masses but rather an opportunity tailored specifically for those already immersed in the world of Bitcoin mining and deeply committed to its potential.

Manufacturers and Industry

We’re excited to have the main manufacturers, such as MicroBT, Block, and Bitmain together with us, as well as other supporting industry representatives from pools and other hardware. Explore advancements in mining technologies, discover potential investment prospects, and uncover synergies with energy partners to maximize your mining operations’ efficiency and sustainability.

Signal > Noise

In a world overwhelmed by noise, we believe in the power of precision. That’s why we’re keeping this summit discreet, reaching out only to individuals who are actively involved in Bitcoin mining and have a vested interest in its success. This exclusivity ensures that you’ll be in the company of fellow experts and dedicated enthusiasts, fostering meaningful conversations and forging invaluable connections.

Learn and Teach

You’re not a part of a talk-shop, this is for you to learn from your peers and partners, but also to teach and show how you’ve learned to do things better. Engage in enlightening discussions, share cutting-edge insights, and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities unique to the African mining landscape. 

Bits, Watts, and Blocks

Bitcoin mining in Africa is just getting started, and we’re trying to make sure that information is shared so that more miners can be successful.  


Some of the topics to be discussed:

African Bitcoin Mining is Just Getting Started

There’s always something more to learn about in Bitcoin mining, whether it is energy, miner management, maintenance, support, or how to manage the Bitcoin that you mine. 

Visit an Active Bitcoin Mine

We’ll be getting hands-on with Bitcoin mining with container builds, Bitcoin mining machines, and a site visit. 

Organizations Attending
GAMA: Event Organizers
QRB Labs
2023 Host